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"I’m always interested in learning about new surgical technologies so when I heard Neograft was holding a seminar in my hometown of Houston, TX I decided to attend. I had been thinking about adding hair transplant to my practice but felt that the “strip” method was not for me. When I first saw the Neograft procedure performed on a live patient I knew that this was going to be a “game changer” in hair restoration surgery. This is the clean, minimally invasive technique that fits perfectly into my current practice."

John Bergeron, MD, Houston, TX

Founder, Houston Hair Transplant Center Member,
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Member,
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

"NeoGraft has been a great addition to our service offerings, bringing in patients from a wide geographic distribution. Our business strategy is to provide only those cutting-edge technologies that give proven results. NeoGraft fits that strategy. A significant percentage of our patients have had previous transplant procedures and are amazed at the ease of the NeoGraft procedure, and the very natural results it produces."

John Bacon, M.D, Gallatin, TN

American Board of Laser Surgery, Board Certified
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Member
American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Member
Age Medicine Management Group, Member

"Our patients certainly prefer less invasive methods wherever possible, and the NeoGraft device has made hair transplant procedures more accessible to patients that have avoided conventional methods. The automated extraction handpiece allows more efficient, one-by-one, graft harvest from the donor area yielding nearly double the number of grafts than physicians were traditionally able to extract by hand in a single day. The procedure is less traumatic and more elegant than traditional strip excision since the tiny circular incisions heal quickly without the need for sutures or staples. Within days, the donor sites are disguised between adjacent hairs with virtually no detectable scarring so that the hair can be worn short or long without any evidence of the procedure."

Jennifer L. MacGregor, MD, Washington D.C.

Board Certified Dermatologist
Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery
Assistant Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University Hospital
American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Women’s Dermatologic Society.

"I have specialized in the field of hair restoration surgery for the last 24 years and few years ago, I used the manual FUE transplant technique on a few patients and found it to be extremely difficult to perform and quite uncomfortable for my patients. Now, with the NeoGraft device’s suction capabilities, great grafts are extracted with ease and patients are far more comfortable."

Dr. Robert Leonard, Cranston, RI

Founder and Chief Surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates
Past President, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Board of Governors, ISHRS Diplomat, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

"FUE (Follicular Unit Extract) is now unequivocally the best technique for performing a hair transplant that appears entirely natural. There is no longer the need to remove a large strip of scalp from the posterior scalp requiring staples or sutures. The result is no scar, faster recovery, less operating time, less discomfort, and a higher graft "take" because of less follicular transaction. The automated NeoGraft FUE system simplifies the FUE procedure. The extraction, collection and implantation of the hair grafts are completely automated."

Dr. Ronald Finger, Savannah, GA

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Founder of Finger and Associates Plastic Surgery Center
American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons,
American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons |

“The NeoGraft automated hair restoration device will become the new delegated aesthetic procedure of this decade for forward thinking aesthetic practices. Neograft will become the botox and soft tissue filler for the most successful full service medical aesthetic practices.”

Dr. Steve Mulholland, Toronto, Canada

Founder of SpaMedica® International
Dual certification in Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgical Oncology
Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Plastic Surgeons |

“It is my opinion that NeoGraft will change the face of hair transplantation. It facilitates the physician's ability to use the preferred follicular unit extraction technique in a much more efficient manner while reducing trauma to the transplanted follicles and obviating the need for a scar in the occipital scalp.”

Michael E. Jasin, M.D, Tampa, FL

Founder of Jasin Facial Rejuvenation Institute
Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
The American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

“The decision to offer the Neograft FUE method over past technologies was easy for us. No scaring , no numbness, no pain, and little or no recovery time. We get fantastic results! This is the state of the art method of hair transplantation.”

Stefan Szczerba, MD

Chicago Aesthetic Surgery Center/Neoderma Medspa
10400 W. Higgins Road, Suite 100
Rosemont, IL 60018

NeoGraft has proven to be the “game changer” for hair restoration within my practice; offering cutting edge technology to my patients has always been important to me. NeoGraft FUE technology was a procedure I trusted for myself; after my experience with the procedure it was an easy decision to add NeoGraft to the services offered at AndroSmart.

Dr. Charles L. Powell, M.D.

Founder and head physician at both AndroSmart and its sister facility, FemSmart.
The American College of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Physicians
The American Academy of Family Medicine
AndroSmart / FemSmart
1110 Cottonwood Lane, Suite 110 (lower street level parking), Irving, TX 75038 |

 FDA cleared for use in hair restoration.

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